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Low cost option for short flights.

Range 1000 Miles.

Lavatory (configured as a seat).

Beechcraft King Air
Pilatus PC12
Cessna Grand Caravan
6-10 pax

Light Jets

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Adequate comfort and cabin for three or less hour flights.

Range 1500 Miles.

Entertainment on board & Lavatory (configured as a seat).

Citation Mustang
Citation CJ1
4-5 pax


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Optimum comfort for medium range flights.

Range 2000-3000 Miles.

Entertainment on board & Lavatory.

Learjet 60
Learjet 45
Citation Excel
6-9 pax


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Large, Comfortable & Luxurious cabin for long flights.

Range: 4500-7000 Miles Non Stop.

Lavatory, Sleeping space, Dressing area & Entertainment on board.

Gulfstream GV
Gulfstream GIV
Falcon 900EX
10-16 pax

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